Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive start authoristaion for the Kitzbueheler Cycle Marathon the eligilibility requirements are precondition!

Health | Security | Insurance

This event is for ambitious recreational athletes: The course presupposes very high requirements and physical and technical skills of the participants!

Additional requirements are as follows:

Perfect functional equipment, especially the bicycle.
Participation is only allowed with a road bicycle (no time trail bikes, no triathlon attachments or any type of impetus support).

ÖRV Bike-Card

The participation in cycling or similar events often is not covered within the legal framework of insurances. Therefore, the acquisition of an accident insurance Nad indemnity insurance is recommended.

The ÖRV Bike-Card of the Austrian Cycling Federation contains insurance for accidents under a group, as well as a collective indemnification liability insurance for cyclists, e-biker and Hobby cyclists underlying Austrian law. This card can be extended each year.

For further information about the ÖRV Bike-Card go to www.radsportverband.at

It is possible to purchase the ÖRV Bike-Card at the registration for a special prize of € 29,90 instead of € 39,90.