Since the first edition, it is also possible to split the 216 km of the KRM between three athletes. Teamwork and planning are the most important components for a successful participation in this new discipline, in addition to the athletic requirements. The marathon course is divided into three sections of 49, 74 and 93 kilometres. The last section, 93 kilometres, is not only the longest, but with the Kitzbüheler Horn also the most challenging section in terms of sport. After the two athletes who started first have done the groundwork, it is time to close the bag on the steepest bike hill. A detailed logistical concept and the corresponding know-how in planning and implementation are the basis for the successful running of this innovative format at the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon.
Das älteste Transport- und Logistikunternehmen der Welt, GEBRÜDER WEISS, stellt seine Kompetenz in allen logistisch relevanten Bereichen beim KRM Staffelbewerb zur Verfügung. GEBRÜDER WEISS beschäftigt weltweit mehr als 8000 Mitarbeiter*innen in allen Bereichen der Logistik und des Transports. „Wir sind sehr stolz, dass uns GW als einer der Global Player auf allen Kontinenten der Welt beim KRM erstmals auch als Premiumpartner zur Seite steht. Damit sind alle Themen in der Organisation für Logistik, Transport und Infrastruktur bestens gelöst“, freut sich Marina Janda als Chefin der KRM Organisation. GEBRÜDER WEISS und Radsport – das ist seit langem eine  erfolgreiche Symbiose, die sich auch in  betrieblichen Radsport-Aktivitäten für die Mitarbeiterschaft niederschlägt.  „Das Thema Rad  passt gut zu einem Logistikunternehmen wie Gebrüder Weiss. Wir fördern nachhaltige Fortbewegung und sind daher seit langem diesem Sport verbunden. Wir möchten auch unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter zum Rad fahren bewegen. Das Staffel–Format ist eine innovative Neuerung im Breitensportsegment, bei deren Etablierung wir gerne unseren Beitrag leisten“, erklärt Frank Haas, Leiter Marketing & Kommunikation bei GW. The oldest transport and logistics company in the world, GEBRÜDER WEISS, provides its expertise in all logistically relevant areas at the KRM relay competition. GEBRÜDER WEISS employs more than 8000 people worldwide in all areas of logistics and transport. “We are very proud that GW, as one of the global players on all continents of the world, is also supporting us as a premium partner at the KRM for the first time. This means that all issues in the organisation for logistics, transport and infrastructure have been solved in the best possible way,” Marina Janda, head of the KRM organisation, is pleased to say. GEBRÜDER WEISS and cycling – this has been a successful symbiosis for a long time, which is also reflected in company cycling activities for employees.  “The topic of cycling fits well with a logistics company like Gebrüder Weiss. We promote sustainable locomotion and have therefore been associated with this sport for a long time. We also want to encourage our employees to cycle. The relay format is an innovative new development in the mass sports segment that we are happy to help establish,” explains Frank Haas, Head of Marketing & Communications at GW.

Gebrüder Weiss winner jersey

A new feature this year is that the fastest relay teams in the women’s, men’s and mixed categories will get to wear GEBRÜDER WEISS WINNER jerseys, thus ensuring a long-term memory of a successful participation in the KRM GEBRÜDER WEISS relay. At the transition area in Brixlegg, a fan zone with moderation and music will be set up for the first time this year. This will motivate participants, companions and fans alike. The anticipation for the second edition of the GEBRÜDER WEISS – Relay at the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon is great and still growing! We are looking forward to seeing you! Click here to register for the relay.