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The most important thing is and remains the safety of all riders of the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon. Therefore, we would like to point out possible dangers and danger spots in the following. The race has a certain potential danger of which all participants must be aware. The race course will not be completely closed to traffic during the event, therefore the STVO applies without exception and thus self-responsible behavior and special caution on the entire route!
Location Description
Paß Thurn Attention: Lane splitting at approx. race kilometre 19 in a blind spot!
Keep to the right only!
NEW: Avalanche protection underpass after the Panoramabahn corner. RK 16 Attention: Construction site equipment in the underpass on the left! 
Mittersill Attention: Railway crossing
Wald im Pinzgau Subway
Ascent Gerlos Pass – B 165 Sharp right-hand bend with steep ascent,
Curvy mountain road, 2x pasture grids,
Attention: Road damage, Rolling gravel
passage approx. 100 m
As- & Descent Gerlos Pass Attention: Unattended grazing cattle, from the upper third of the ascent to the Gerlos Pass to the Gerlos village area.
End of Gerlos Gmünd – Descent Gerlos Pass Challenging descent – B 165, Attention:
Narrow hairpin bends → lower section,
Length: approx. 12 km
Start of town Aschau Attention: Railway crossing
Uderns Attention: Railway crossing
Ried i. Zillertal Attention: traffic lights!
End of town Fügen Narrow wooden bridge
Start of town Hart STOP – crossing priority road
Ascent Kerschbaumer Sattel Attention: Narrow road sections and hairpin bends
Descent Kerschbaumer Sattel Challenging descent,
Attention: Narrow road sections
and hairpin bends, Length: approx. 7 km
Brixlegg Attention: Traffic lights!
Brandenberg round

Attention: Course diverts left to Brandenberg
Steep and demanding descents

Ascent to Brandenberg narrow rock underpass approx. 50 meters
Attention: possible traffic on the other side
Angath Roadworks in the area of the freeway bridge – reduce speed Dangerous roadworks situation – only one lane passable
Hopfgarten Difficult road with 15% slope
Caution: Heavy traffic!


General hazards besides racing status

  • Be aware of and respect traffic and oncoming traffic.
  • Alpine weather in the region may affect road conditions.
  • Due to high altitude, road conditions may change due to time of day, which may affect driving.
  • Impossibility to secure possible danger spots off the route for 216 km.
  • ATTENTION Wildlife crossing on the entire route.
  • Road conditions and irregularities such as grooves, cracks, rolling grit, longitudinal grooves, etc.
  • Increased passage of local areas (crosswalks, traffic circles, traffic lights, etc.).