Registration & Start number distribution

Sportpark Kitzbuehel, Sportfeld 1, 6370 Kitzbuehel

Note: 3G control at bib issue → valid for the whole event

Without exception, each participant has to pick up his or her starting package in person, on the one hand due to the applicable Covid-19 regulations, and on the other hand due to the personal necessity of signing the GTC.

Saturday, 10 July 2021; 08.00 AM – 5.30 PM

Entry Fee

Until 31 January 2021: € 99,-
Until 31 March 2021: € 119,- | Relay: € 180,-
From 1 April 2021 until the entry deadline: € 129,- | Relay: € 210,-
Entry Deadline: 5 July 2021 – 11.59 PM Late Registration are possible on 10 July 2021 locally Note: No additional fees for late registrations


WK U20 (17 – 19 years ), Year 2002-2004
WK 20 (20 – 29 years), Years 1992-2001
WK 30 (30-39 years), Years 1982-1991
WK 40 (40-49 years), Years 1972-1981
WK 50 (50-59 years), Years 1962-1971
WK 60 (60-69 years, Years 1952-1961
WK Ü70 (70+), Years up to 1951
(for male and female)

Relay: male, female, mixed


Team Classification

Team Classification is possible with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 riders. The finishing time of the 3 fastest riders will be taken into account for the Team Classification.

Time Keeping

Time keeping is ensued by disposable chip (attached with seat post clue). The fee for the chip is included in the benefits! No deposit has to be paid!

Time keeping will be done at the official start, defined checkpoints on the route, after the toll station Kitzbueheler Horn (time for the climb) and at the finish line.

The time keeping and the preparation of results is done using the netto time of every individual participant (excluding top riders).


Neutralised Start

From the neutralised start to the end of the town Kitzbuehel the peloton will be unified and guided by the police. Nevertheless, every participant has to pass the time keeping mat at the neutralised start!



The start will be staggered at the following times:
Block 1 – 6:00
Block 2 – 6:05
Block 3 – 6:10
Block 4 – 6:15

Starting blocks

There are a total of 4 starting blocks:
Starting block 1 – VIP (1-50)
Starting block 1 (51 – 300)
Start block 2 (301 – 600)
Start block 2 relay (1 – 50)
Start block 3 (601-850)
Starting block 4 (851-1000)

The starting blocks are open from 05:30.

Participants who do not start from their designated starting block may be disqualified.

The results of the last 4 years, which are available to RaceTime Pro, are used for the classification of the performance-oriented starting blocks.

List of all events that were supervised by RaceTime Pro.

Participants without results can submit relevant results by email to info@racetime.pro by 5 July 2021 in order to qualify for a start in blocks 1 and 2.