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Health, vitality and fitness: three parameters that are probably at the top of many wish lists and resolutions for the year 2022. Our new partner dieFITMACHER is a medical cooperation under the medical direction of Dr. Matthias Kirchmayr, who are absolute experts in the fields of sports, nutrition and preventive medicine, as well as in orthomolecular and manual fascia medicine.

The offer of dieFITMACHER

DieFITMACHER support professional athletes as well as health-conscious people and some participants of the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon 2022. In doing so, dieFITMACHER try to work out the optimum of health, vitality and absence of pain through the accompanying care by top medical check-ups, diagnostics, therapies and modern concepts.

Medicine at the highest level, which is also used by absolute top athletes such as Formula E racer Maximilian Günther. In addition to functional nutritional medical care including vital substance analyses and dietology, dieFITMACHER develop and design high-quality nutritional supplements for sports and healthy lifestyle, supported by the combined know-how of Dr. Kirchmayr and his team.

More information and news about dieFITMACHER can be found at: