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dieFITMACHER story

dieFITMACHER are a medical network under the medical leadership of Dr. Matthias Kirchmayr and offer all-round support in the areas of preventive lifestyle medicine, sports medicine and professional sports.
This year they will also support a selected team of athletes for the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon 2022. In the process dieFITMACHER try to bring out the optimum in health, vitality and freedom from pain through top medical check-ups, diagnostics, therapies and modern concepts. Top-level medicine that is also used by absolute top athletes such as Formula E racer Maximilian Günther. In addition to functional nutritional medical care including vital substance analyses and dietology, dieFITMACHER also develop and design high-quality nutritional supplements for sport and a healthy lifestyle, supported by the combined know-how of Dr Kirchmayr and his team.
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dieFITMACHER athlets 2022


Seven women and men are preparing for the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon 2022 with dieFITMACHER. Get to know our dieFITMACHER athletes better with their profiles. Find out what motivates them and why they count on the all-round support of dieFITMACHER as preparation for the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon.

Solo starter

Age: 54 years, according to the Garmin watch my fitness age is currently 49 years 😉

KRM goal: A specific time is not my goal, but due to the professional preparation I would like to test my limits and finish the KRM with joy and happiness.

That’s why road cycling is my sport: to clear my mind and head and to help me make professional or private decisions. Simply to enjoy the fresh air in nature or to get the anger off my chest while enjoying the changing smell of nature depending on the season. Because of the general feeling of well-being after a ride and the social component of group rides with friends including a tour and training planning over a beer afterwards is also exactly what I like.

This should not be missed on any bike ride: The emergency penny for an unplanned stop, so that the energy balance can be restored if necessary. And fast downhill rides!

That’s why I’m participating at the KRM 22: After 15 years of cycling, it was time to take on a challenge. Plus the varied course profile and the wonderful area around Kitzbühel.

My fears regarding the KRM: The right balance of energy to be able to conquer the Horn at the end.

My annual kilometres on the road bike: 4000-6000 km

Favourite songs during training: Best Day Of My Life, Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino, Later Bitches (The Prince Karma), Bad guy (Billie Eilish), Canopee (PoloPan)

My “Steepest Hits” for the Kitzbühel Horn: The Four Seasons Winter in F Minor (Antonio Vivaldi), Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

Experience in the area of training support: No, I have never had such support…

My expectations of “dieFITMACHER” support: To savour the different training areas in order to achieve an increase in performance. To train more efficiently and not to do empty kilometres.

My entry into the programme: It is unbelievable what medical examinations and analyses have been made in order to be able to provide me with customised trainings as well as nutrition and recovery programmes. I feel very well supervised and can ask questions at any time. Adjustments to the training and nutrition plan can also be made at any time by consultation.

My impression: Incredibly professional! I feel like a professional athlete.

My first steps: I completed the first week of training (week 06). It was very varied and adapted to my preferences (cycling, running, ski touring, strength training at home). The nutrition plan was created and discussed with the dietician. Currently 70% of the training is in the low intensity range: interval once a week, stabilisation and strength training twice a week.

Age: 34

KRM goal: Not to finish last.

That’s why road cycling is my sport: The feeling of freedom while enjoying nature.

This should not be missed on any bike ride: The coffee break, of course.

That’s why I’m participating at the KRM 22: Because I love the landscape around the course.

My fears regarding the KRM: Actually none, except for temperatures above 30 degrees.

My annual kilometres on the road bike: Quite different, depending on the amount of free time.

Favourite songs during training: I don’t listen to music during training.

Experience in training support: Yes, but that was a few years ago.

My expectations of “dieFITMACHER” support: Targeted preparation, optimisation of training units and nutrition.

My entry into the programme: It was great, thanks to the great support from the team!

My impression: An incredibly nice and committed team. You feel very comfortable and perfectly looked after from the very first moment!

My first steps: I took them, the motivation is high!

Age: On the day of this year’s KRM exactly 1 month before the age of 56.

KRM goal: Arrive at the finish line without feeling highly exhausted.

That’s why road cycling is my sport: I’m basically into endurance sports. Besides running, road cycling is a great outdoor sport and very easy on the joints.

This should not be missed on any bike ride: Full water bottles…

That’s why I’m participating at the KRM 22: Midlife crises level 1.😊 In our hobby racing cyclists’ association “Saure Radler” (sour cyclists), I have a mood maker for it that can’t be overheard with my brother, who is also the organiser of the KRM. In the end, we threw ourselves into this project as a group dynamic.

My fears regarding the KRM: 216 km and 4600 hm – although I have already ridden the distance several times. Together with such a bunch of vertical metres, however, it becomes a big challenge.

My annual kilometres on the road bike: 8,500 km

Favourite songs during training: The sound of nature…

My “Steepest Hits” for the Kitzbüheler Horn: “Highway to hell” is good for burning thighs.

Experience in training support: No

My expectations of “dieFITMACHER” support: I’ll let myself be surprised. What I have seen and felt so far will help me enormously as a hobby rider to tackle such challenges with pleasure. I am already very excited about  the “dieFITMACHER” drink, which will not only supply us with water during the KRM, but also with all the necessary nutrients. 10 to 11 hours on the road bike without bars and gels only with the intelligent content in the drink bottle. If that works – brilliant !!!

My entry into the programme: Very interesting. There are a lot of things I haven’t done so far and I’m sure there will be a lot of useful things to come!

My impression: Very motivating and super steep…

Age: 46 years

KRM goal: To give Franz a high five and a kiss to my girlfriend Sabine at the finish line after 11 hours.

That’s why road cycling is my sport: I started 2 years ago and learned to love it. It clears your mind, gives you a chance to work off your energy and gets you around quite a bit.

This should not be missed on any bike ride: My “Edge” (bike computer) 🙂 – and above all the fun!

That’s why I’m participating at the KRM 22: After last year’s relay, this year I’ m going to try to conquer the KRM alone and also be part of the group of Fitmacher riders.

My fears regarding the KRM: material fatigue

My annual kilometres on the road bike: 7000 km

My “Steepest Hits” for the Kitzbüheler Horn: Hells Bells

Experience in training support: No

My expectations of the FITMACHER support: We bring “the best” out of me and I am in top shape for the KRM 2022.

My impression: A super support team – very committed and helpful. You feel very well taken care of and almost like a top athlete! Many areas are covered – sport and training are not the only important things, there are countless other elements such as nutrition or mental training!

My first steps: I have already started – the most difficult thing is nutrition!

Relay starter

Age: 49 years young

KRM goal: To complete my course in the best possible time (which I’m sure my relay colleagues will set for me again 😉).

That’s why road cycling is my sport: you reach areas you wouldn’t otherwise get to.

This should not be missed on any bike ride: The common electrolyte, i.e. a beer after the ride.

That’s why I’m participating at the KRM 22: Because it’s a really cool event.

My fears regarding the KRM: That the weather will be bad again.

My annual kilometres on the road bike: About a few thousand kilometres.

Favourite songs during training: I don’t listen to music, indoors I watch a film.

Experience in training support: No.

My expectations of “dieFITMACHER” support: Tips on how to best prepare for the race (nutrition, training).

My entry into the programme: I’m enthusiastic about the professionalism.

My impression: Totally enthusiastic!

My first steps: Immediately ahead of it.

Age: 55 at the time of the 2022 KRM.

KRM goal: To have fun at the event and not be slower than last year in better shape.

Why road cycling is my sport: Because we are a super group and new challenges are always waiting. I like to do “pleasure rides” in beautiful surroundings with built-in “performance tests”.

This should not be missed on any bike ride: The community and the fun in our group.

That’s why I’m participating at the KRM 22: Because I already really enjoyed it in 2021 and an event like this also means something to me personally.

My fears regarding the KRM: That the last car will come for me…

My annual kilometres on the racing bike: approx. 4000 km

Favourite songs during training: None! Since we ride a lot on back roads in the beautiful Mühlviertel, I don’t need any music.

My “Steepest Hits” for the Kitzbüheler Horn: FooFighters: Pretender; Beatles: Helter Skelter; Georg Danzer: Grosse Dinge; Austria 3: weilst mei Freind bist; Davie Bowie: Heroes; …

Experience in the training support: No, only with a self-prepared training plan.

My expectations of “dieFITMACHER” support: To get a lot of new information and tips that are also doable for an amateur athlete.

My entry into the programme: The tests were very interesting and the conversations very informative.

My impression: Extremely committed and competent.

My first steps: I’m about to start and I’m looking forward to it!

Age: still 51 years

KRM goal: On the one hand, I would like to complete the whole KRM incl. Horn in the training phase, for the relay I have set myself the goal of improving my time to about 3 hours (last year 3:18).

That’ s why road cycling is my sport: I discovered road cycling as a new hobby a year ago. I went from being an occasional mountain biker to becoming an enthusiastic road cyclist because my team, the “Sauren Radler”, is a great group, we push each other and have a lot of fun.

This should not be missed on any bike ride: The water bottle and a good mood.

That’s why I’m participating at the KRM 22: Because I caught fire at KRM 21 – a great event!

My fears regarding the KRM: Snow or rain – because of the descents.

My annual kilometres on the road bike: 5000-6000 km.

Favourite songs during training: No music! I prefer to let my thoughts run free!

Experience in training support: No, not yet!

My expectations of “dieFITMACHER” support: Due to the comprehensive medical support, I trust myself to achieve my ambitious goals (full marathon or relay stage 2 with approx. 3 hrs).

My entry into the programme: I had a big smile on my face when I found out that I would be doing my preparation with “dieFITMACHER”.

My impression: Impressed! The “dieFITMACHER” team is sympathetic and highly professional. The start makes you want more.

My first steps: I still need to talk to my dietician and sports doctor.