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Before the 3rd #supersteep edition of the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon takes place on August 27, 2023, there was recently a very special event. At an atmospheric celebration, the winners of the first two KRM editions were each presented with their own gondola.

 What has already become a cherished tradition for the winners of the Hahnenkamm races will now also be granted to the winners of the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon. Because the KRM winners can look forward to their own gondola. Most recently, the winners of the first two editions were honored, who were the fastest women or fastest men to conquer the 216 km and 4600 meters of altitude:
2021 Janine Meyer & Tobias Häckl and 2022 Monika Fritz & Johnny Hoogerland.

“We are delighted to be able to continue the tradition of the gondolas,” said Kitzbühel’s mayor Dr. Klaus Winkler. “Cycling is deeply rooted in Kitzbühel, and the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon contributes to this,” commented Dr. Viktoria Veider-Walser, Managing Director of Kitzbühel Tourism. “It is extremely fun to support the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon. And this year I will be at the start myself”,
Thomas Schmiedbauer, managing director of Wiesbauer, said. “The performances of the cyclists are just as strong as the performances of the skiers in winter,” praised Mag. Anton Bodner and Mag. Christian Wörister, board duo of KitzSki.

“Cycling fits very well with us. We are a big team and you can only achieve goals as a team,” said Klaus Bannwarth of Gebrüder Weiss. And Milijana Trkulja BA, Head of Communications at Harisch Hotels said, “Cycling makes you healthy and happy. Sport contributes to serenity and well-being. That’s why we are very happy to support the Kitzbüheler Radmarathon.”

Pictures: Alpinguin